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  • Finance LeasePersonal Lease
  • Group Lease (Guarantee)
  • Group Lease (Adminstration)
  • Corporate Lease

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Here, the service includes a range of functions such as vehicle financing, maintenance…

Financial intermediary

Financial intermediary

We offer Comprehensive & Medical Insurance working with selected partners for our clients



We work with our customers supporting them in making investments and wise business decisions and getting good returns.

core product

Finance Lease

We finance the purchase of various kinds of equipment for the possession and use of our customers. Here, our target market is made up of salaried individuals, SMEs and Corporate organizations. In return, we accept rental payments made over an agreed period. The payments are structured to meet the cash flows of the customers thus, ensuring a convenient repayment plan. Upon full and final payment, the ownership of the asset is transferred to the customer or any other party nominated by the client.

Primarily, the asset under finance form the security for the facility thus, a separate collateral is not required. The asset under finance is insured at all times and the customer is open to enjoy other combined protection plans and services within the lease period.

This type of lease allows the customer to possession and use of the assets from the onset without necessarily paying in full for it. The customer enjoys the ease of a convenient repayment plan thus improving her cash flows and lifestyle.

Personal Lease      –   Salaried individuals working in various organizations acceptable to our company.

Group Lease (Administration)  – Salaried Individuals belonging to a group, where the group or a related        party undertakes to administer repayments on behalf of her members.

Group Lease (Guaranteed) –  Salaried individuals belonging to a group, where the group or a related party agrees to guarantee the leases. The Group lease arrangement is a way of providing for staff members of organizations and ultimately contributes to staff satisfaction.

Corporate Lease –   SMEs and corporate organizations.

Operating Lease

We provide various kinds of equipment on lease mostly to multinationals and large corporate organizations based on duly executed contracts. These include cars, light weight and heavy duty trucks, forklift machines, power generating sets, production equipment, ground handling equipment and various other leasable assets as required by our customers. Depending the preference of the customer, we will provide other associated services required to operate the assets. It is a service provision agreement and upon full and final payment, the ownership of the assets continue to reside with our company. Such assets are either sold in the open market or deployed to a secondary lease contract. Often times, the customer is given the first right of refusal to purchase the assets.

The corporate organization only wants to utilize the service but do not want to own the assets. Understandably, this allows the customer to conserve capital for investment, better manage her cash flowsfocus on her core business and allows for more efficient financial reporting.

Our experience in Leasing and relationships with key partners in the industry allows us to delight our customers providing the required service.

Fleet Management 

Here, the service includes a range of functions such as vehicle financing, maintenance, tracking, driver management, speed management, fuel management, fleet insurance programs, license and title services and health and safety management. It allows companies to minimize investments in vehicles, and their overall transportation cost..

At AssetKap, we deliver custom-built fleet leasing and management programs tailored for the various fleets sizes and budgets. Depending on customer preference, we are happy to provide some or all of the services that go with fleet management. This, we do with our team of knowledgeable and experienced leasing and fleet management professionals that have been providing the service for years in the Nigerian market. This is not forgetting our competent partners who support us all the way.

Vehicle financing :In addition to capital, we enjoy the support of other partners to fund the purchase of requires assets.

Maintenance:  We offer full maintenance. The cost of maintaining the vehicle is provided for in the agreed rental payments

Tracking: We have existing and long standing relationships with selected and tested tracking companies

Driver management:  We have the expertise and partnerships needed to effective manage and train drivers.

Fuel management:  With the use of a payment card, our fuel management solution is convenient. It monitors  fleet expense and reduces cost.

Fleet insurance: We are in relationships with top insurance partners in Nigeria. Our in-house systems also support the management and processing of insurance policies, renewals and claims.

Health and safety – Driver training and history is key to us. Vehicle history and quality is another. We also provider other protection plans in this regard.

Financial intermediary and Advisory services

We offer various other financial services to the market, working with carefully selected partners. These include;

General Insurance – We offer comprehensive insurance on various kinds of assets. Aside the required insurance on lease assets from us, we are delighted to handle your requests to purchase various insurance products offered on our platform. We are in relationships with the top insurers in Nigeria, providing the required service. Talk to us for your for car insurance, plant and machinery cover, life, job loss and other protection plans that you desire.

Medical Insurance – In strategic alliances with top medical health providers, we provide attractive medical insurance products on sale to individuals, SMEs and corporate clients. Get in touch with us and we can provide this and other services independently or in addition to other products as a bundled service.

Most businesses are unable to meet their set targets. They are either rejected by banks and other institutions, unaware of products and services that can improve their performance, not privy to systems and structures that can take delivery of their set goals and eventually make them very attractive to financiers and investors. At AssetKap, we are ready to work with you to  solve these problems.

We work with our customers supporting them in making investments and wise business decisions with the aim to maximize returns.


We encourage our customers to finance their assets with the aim to conserve capital that can be put to other investments. We also work with the customers supporting them in making the investments. This, we do by providing investment advice and proposing various products for actual investment. Our knowledge and relationships in this area is of immense value to our customers.


Lease your choice assets while you put your capital to other investments of high yields.
Get in touch to finance new or pre-owned equipment purchase. Our in-house professionals are here to delight you.
It is quick and easy.

Working with us, you stand the chance to enjoy any of the following:

Immediate possession of choice assets/ convenient repayment plan/ enhanced lifestyle/ improved cash flows/ better financial reporting / focus on core business / retained capital / Better Investment options

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