Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Lease?

A lease is a contractual agreement between the owner of an asset (“the Lessor”) and the user of that asset (“the Lessee”) whereby the user gains possession anduse of the asset in return for periodic payments (Rentals) to be made to the Owner over an agreed period of time. The Lessor retains ownership of the asset over the lease period. The owner is the Lease provider while the User is the customer.


An operating Lease

The Lease provider grants the customer possession and use of assets in return for rental payments over an agreed period of time. The customer does not plan to own the asset but enjoys the service provided by the Lease provider using the assets. At the end of the lease period, the Lease provider retains ownership of the assets. It is a use plan. However, the Lease provider may decide to sell off the assets to the lessee or any other buyer at the expiration of the lease or enter a secondary lease plan with the same or another customer. Apart from financing the asset, the Lessor provides other services in the course of the use of the asset by the Lease.

A Finance Lease

Primarily, the aim of the customer is to own the asset, having immediate possession and use of same, paying in instalments over an agreed period of time. At the end of the lease period, upon full and final payment, the ownership of the asset is transferred to the customer. It is an ownership and use plan. A finance lease is a full payout lease. Finance leases can be offered to Salaried employees of companies, SMEs and corporate organizations.


Sale & Lease Back

A customer with full ownership of an asset can decide to refinance the asset under a sale & lease back agreement. The customer sells the asset to the Lease provider at an agreed amount. The customer then enters into a lease agreement with the Lease provider, making periodic payments over and agreed lease tenor. It used by customers to free moneys invested in the purchase of the asset. The customer can then put the money realized to other investments.

Leverage Lease

A leveraged lease occurs where the Lease provider finances the asset through a third party financial institution on account of the customer. The financial institution provides the funding for the lease, the Lease provider creates the agreement with the customer and collects the lease rentals.

Full Maintenance Lease

This is a comprehensive fleet management solution at an agree rental for the use of specifically selected vehicles or assets over a set period of time and distance. In terms of this all-inclusive contract, we will source, procure and deliver the assets and bear all the risk and maintenance costs.


Immediate possession
of assets

Enjoy the immediate possession and use of choice assets even when you have not fully paid for them.

A convenient
repayment plan

Enjoy a repayment plan that is tailored to suit your cash flows.

Conserves your cash flow

Rather than funding asset acquisition from capital, the company or individual can lease the assets and pay in installments over an agreed period of time, while the capital amount which the customer would have been used to purchase the asset is utilized for investment purposes OR to enhance working capital towards increasing return on investment. By so doing, the company or individual stands the chance of liquidating the lease over a longer period without necessarily depleting capital. Outright purchase depletes capital and the amount of money spent on other investments becomes limited.

Staff Satisfaction

Under group equipment financing, staff members’ needs are met by the company. This forms an additional welfare package for the members of that group.

Protection against inflation
and future changes in

Taking advantage of a lease to possess an asset today, while you pay tomorrow, you are open to a structure built around the current price of the asset and are able to hedge against an upward review of the price of the asset in future, when you may have been ready to purchase the asset. You do not need to save or spend huge sums of capital to buy an asset that will soon become obsolete. You may lease the asset for a period and at the end of the lease (when a newer model would have been released) the asset can be disposed, while you enter into a new lease agreement for a recent model of the asset.


How is the lease
paid for?

A lease is paid for via periodic instalments over the tenor of the lease. Often times, a customer is required to make monthly payments for the lease. For some complex deals, customers may pay quarterly or bi-annually depending on agreements reached. Lease rentals came be stepped up and down periodically depending on the cash flows of the customer. A repayment schedule is usually provided to the customer showing the payments to be made over the lease period. Where for any reason there are changes in the repayment, same will be communicated to the customer and a new repayment scheduled provided. Primarily, customers will have to issue to us post dated cheques for all repayments on the leases. For some other deals, we will rely on debit instructions issued by the customers to the banks.

Do I need to provide a
collateral to obtain a lease?

The beauty of a lease is in it’s convenience. Traditionally, you do not require a separate collateral to enjoy a lease. A lease is an asset backed finance deal where the asset being financed is the security for the facility.

How do I’m apply

You may apply online or contact us directly using any of our available phones numbers, emails or visit our office. `


Who is eligible?

We are happy to provide leases to salaried individuals working in various corporate organization (subject terms and conditions as provided for in our lease agreement). We also offer leases to SMEs and other corporate organizations operating in Nigeria.

What is the added value here?

With our expertise in leasing, carefully selected vendors selling quality assets in the market and other support partners, we provide to customers a quality offering. Apart from the convenience of viewing the assets sold by various vendors and selecting choice assets from your device, we ensure that the entire support system needed to enjoy the assets are made available. Apart from the fact that we ensure all assets financed are protected via comprehensive insurance policies, users of our assets are also open to other protection plans such life insurance, medical insurance, job loss protection and other investment opportunities. Depending on arrangements reached, a customer can buy an of our products separately or jointly. For example, an individual who chooses to finance a vehicle from us may in addition to the comprehensive insurance on the vehicle, enjoy a medical cover for the period and /or any or all other protection plans. We can also support you in making investment decisions and also facilitate the investment process itself while we meet your asset needs.

Will you finance assets sold
by other vendors not on
your platform?

We have carefully selected the vendors and other partners that we work with, However, vendor enlistment remains a continuous process for us. Hence, where you find a vendor that sells an asset of your choice, we will be willing to run with the deal and eventually enlist the vendor based on set criteria.
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